Secrets Of The Serve




The serve is undoubtedly the most important shot in tennis, but often one of the most neglected by amateur players. In this course, Dave delivers a masterclass in every aspect of the serve and walks you through every step of process in a clear and concise format. After completing this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the optimal biomechanics of the serve, how to achieve great technique and how to slam down those aces with some real pop!

Secrets Of The Serve features over an hour’s worth of footage, broken down into easily digestible chapters, where Dave walks you by the hand, every step of the way. You will actually feel like you are on court with him!

Suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.

Chapter 1: The Grip

  • The Continental Grip
  • Finding The Grip
  • Bonus Grip Tips

Chapter 2: The Stance

  • Setup
  • The 3 Stances
  • Choosing Your Stance

Chapter 3: The Serve Action

  • Initiating The Serve Action
  • The Perfect Ball Placement
  • Practicing The Toss
  • The Throwing Action
  • Pronation
  • The Leg Drive
  • The Arabesque
  • Bonus Tips: Increasing Your Serve Percentage

Chapter 4: Spin

  • The 3 Spins
  • Topspin Serve Progression
  • Slice Serve Progression

Chapter 5: Practice

  • How To Practice Your Serve
  • Self Evaluation


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