As a former Davis Cup squad colleague of mine Dave not only has a vast amount of experience as an ex pro but he also has had an extremely successful coaching career. He has a wide base of experiences in coaching Junior and Adult players at all levels from club beginner standard all the way up to coaching National and International Champions. If you would like to improve any part of your game then Dave will help you accomplish your goals!

Danny Sapsford

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, World Ranking: 170 Singles and 85 Doubles

Dave has a wealth of tennis knowledge and skill, having played to the highest junior international level and at a very high senior level. He transfers this knowledge very effectively as a coach and has coached players to national and international titles and is now well established as one of the top coaches in Great Britain.

Alistair Higham

Former LTA National Coach

Dave is a leading and well respected coach in British Tennis. Following on from a successful playing career, Dave has gone on to coach national junior champions.

As a young coach I worked with Dave at the International High Performance Academy at Loughborough University, producing some of Britain’s best junior players competing at the highest international standard. He has a wealth of experience to improve players of all ages and levels and is a true professional.

Mark Hilton

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, Current Coach of Kyle Edmund, Former Coach of Dan Evans

Dave is an unbelievable coach. I started tennis later in life and his instruction transformed my game, taking my serve from a reasonable standard to a formidable 125 mph+ weapon. The thing I like most above Dave is that he cares deeply about every student, regardless of their level of ability. He offers some of the most cutting edge material I’ve ever seen and has a tremendous ability to motivate you. If you are ready to take your game to the next level, I would strongly recommend checking out Dave’s online courses.

Tom Bell

Director, TheTennisBros.com

Dave coached me for the first 5 or so years of my tennis journey, and he helped build the solid base upon which my whole game has developed. Through his meticulous eye for detail and top level technical knowledge, Dave can improve anyone’s game, and he’s also a pretty great guy to get along with it!

Will Palmer

ITF Junior Player

I’m sure this will sound cliche but Dave’s technical knowledge really is unparalleled. I’ve been a student of Dave’s since I was 7 years old and I’m most certainly still learning at 25. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realised his knowledge arises from an undying love of the game and a consistent open mind to further learning. He combines his thirst for learning with a great ability to teach and this shows in the calibre of his students. There’s few people in UK tennis that don’t know him and best of all he’s a top guy as well!

Lawrence Palmer

USA College Tennis Player

Dave Ireland has now been working with my son Denis for more than three years. It has been a great journey and I am happy to watch how Denis has developed his tennis skills. Dave is a great and highly professional coach. The true values that the great game teaches us are priceless for life. I am happy to see that my son’s coach is the one that can deliver those values not just in words, but as a role model for young players. Responsibility, respect and discipline are those traits and anyone can see them in Dave. Thank you very much for being a great coach for my son Dave!

Anatoly Ivanov